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About the Resistors

the resistors

Episode 1

Episode title: Resistance = V/I

Running time 30 mins

Cybernia - a grouping   of city states created out of the ashes of a nation whose island home had been   wiped out by an apocalyptic nuclear explosion in a neighbouring state. Its capital, Circuit City, a gleaming Arcadia - built upon the now defunct oil rigs of the North Sea - has become an ecodigital ark resting on the ruins of the energy wars of the mid 21 st century.

In this renaissance of the digital age the people, however, turned their backs on the very science that was their salvation. Their ignorance was now to be exploited by an evil force that crept unseen through the cracks of complacency and carelessness until it had control of their livesĶ.

Now its up to four youngsters to save their city, using the only way they know how - SCIENCE!




Episode 2

Episode title: Circuit breakers

Running time 30 mins

Now the Resistors know the Professor Morse Message, they set about to free him from the CPU building but cracking the security codes won't be easy. Nor will finding food and water, but Amber has a trick or two up her sleeve. Can the Resistors get to the Professor before the Hackerdets force him to build the quantum computer?



Episode 3

Episode title: Error 404   - Friend Not Found

Running time 30 mins

Luc, blind without his prism, is questioned by the hackerdets -will he give away his friends or can he outwit their truth scanner?   When Amber meets girl Hackerdette, T15, sparks fly. After a close shave with a Tantalum patrol Dig and Sonia get cracking with security codes for the CPU but meanwhile time is running out for the Professor. . .




Episode 4

Episode title: Circuit Switch

Running time 30 mins

Amber hatches a deadly plan to free Luc from the Hackerdet barracks while Sonia and Dig interrupt the EDUNET broadcasts to give the Children of Circuit City a pleasant surprise . What will the evil General do when T15 reveals a hidden passion for one of our superheroes?




Episode 5

Episode title: Dependance Factor

Running time 30 mins

The Resistors win the confidence of   Emiko who astonishes them by realising an error they have made all along -how to contact the rest of Cybernia! The professor also has some suprising news for T15 who now shares his cell. But time is running out for the Resistors -they must take risks -dangerous risks. . .




Episode 6

Broadband of Brothers : Operation Pascal

Running time 30 mins

With help on the way the Resistors must do what they can to help the C3 forces recapture Circuit city from the Hackerdets. Can Amber overcome her paralysis? Will Dig be lost forever when he hooks up to the cortical grid? Will the Professor and Tara get out of the CPU in time or will the General use desperate measures to save his evil empire?.........


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