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About the Resistors title
The Resistors team is made up of four people. Each of the Resistors brings their unique talents to the group allowing them to overcome any obstacles that get in their way. With this smart group of brave people opposing them, the invaders of Cybernia will have a hard fight ahead of them.

You can locate the professor's medical notebook HERE. m.


LUC Luc - Light Luc illustration

Luc is the leader of the group when the Professor is not around. He makes use of a special prism the Professor developed, to enable him to see more than most people. Luc can use his prism to project information for planning sessions and to serve as a distraction when needed. Luc has studied and knows more about light and its effects than most people in circuit city.

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sonia left sonia - sound sonia illustration

Sonia is the Professor's daughter. When she was born and he discovered she would be unable to ever speak, the Professor set about research into bio-implants to allow his daughter to communicate normally. The Professor eventually succeeded and now Sonia can manipulate sound better than most. Her Torc necklace contains the apparatus that interfaces with her implants and allows her to communicate and recreate sounds. As the Professor's daughter, Sonia knows a good deal about history and communication through the ages.

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amber amber - electricity amber illustration

Amber has a fiery personality and is not going to take the invasion of her home lying down! After she was injured, the Professor provided her with galvanic skin electrodes allowing her to interface with a mobility exoskeleton. This allows her to perform feats which will be of great help in the resistance fight to free Cybernia. From tweaking and tuning her exoskeleton, Amber has learnt a lot about electricity and its uses.

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dig Dig title Dig illustration

Dig is the group's IT specialist. There isn't a data-system he doesn't know nor a security system he can't crack. Dig was given processing bio-implants by the Professor that aid him in processing information. Highly excitable, Dig can sometimes become frustrated with Amber's cavalier attitude to danger. With Dig around, none of the invaders' secrets are safe!

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